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Since 2001, we began offering a large range of logistics and transportation services including Express Courier (including Import into the USA from anywhere around the world), Airfreight, Trucking and Ocean Freight solutions.

UnitedEx Worldwide Express Solutions

When it comes to warehousing, order fulfillment, international and domestic logistic freight solution, different customers have different expectation and requirement. UnitedEx Worldwide Express will adapt to your specific needs.
UnitedEx Worldwide Express introduces an entirely new set of personalized, small parcel shipping tools designed to put the control and costs of the shipping process back in your hands.


3000 +


Today UnitedEx Worldwide Express has a large network of agents and branches in the major cities in Latin America, the United States, Europe and Asia. Our global network employs more than 3,000 people , making us a major integrated logistics company with rich experience globally.

All staffs of our branches and agents are well trained and experienced. They can accommodate our customers’ need. With our secure warehouse for your shipments and with high tech fleet of trucks and vans, and with the capacity and flexibility to cover the most demanding warehousing and transportation needs, ensuring optimum levels of service and operational excellence.

We connect people Improving their lives

Our focus is to give you cost-effective logistics services without hassle, allowing your business managed efficiently in the most challenging and competitive marketplaces in the U.S.A. We are your complete choice.